The creative set of double-sided Touch markers is an offer for all those who like to draw and play with a large range of colours. The excellent colouring and depth of colours, makes the works created with the markers expressive, natural and will not fade for a long time

The set of markers is successfully suitable for children for play and school artwork and for adults, for colouring books or their own artwork. The set of colours of the markers included in the set has been selected to find their application in various fields of drawing.

Each marker is equipped with two tip widths One wide tip, allowing you to draw a line with a maximum width of 6mm, depending on the angle of pressure of the tip on the page, and a thin tip with a line thickness of approximately 1mm The tips are made of hard material, so they do not rub off or delaminate The nib of the marker has been designed to distribute the ink evenly, without spills or blots

The markers can be easily blended This allows us to create the various additional shades needed for shading and bringing out colour depth. They do not soften the card

The set is packaged in an attractive case for easy storage of the markers. It is an ideal gift idea for people who enjoy drawing

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